The Start- establishing Naptime Knots in 2018

The Start- establishing Naptime Knots in 2018

I find it hard to believe 4.5 years have passed since ‘Naptime Knots’ became of something. Something I have grown to love and become very passion about. Over the years I’ve learned that trends change; style preferences change. It is easy to compare yourself to what others in your field are doing; easy to question if you’re qualified to be doing what you’re doing. I started Naptime Knots with no intention of sticking with it. (When you start something I would say do not go into it with that attitude.)

Dream Big. Start Small. 

I was pregnant with my second child and found myself in a groove of consistent naps for the oldest child. I wanted to fill that ‘down time’ with something that filled me. My friend, Meg, was pregnant and her baby shower was coming up. I thought I could create a baby name hat for her baby just as I did with my oldest. (So thank you Meg for getting my creative juices flowing again!)

{baby Everett}

Rewind to the previous year, 2017, my aunt helped me create the most special top knot hat with “BECKETT” embroidered on a tag which I hand stitched on.


Guys, I did not know how to sew prior to this! My mom gave me her basic Singer sewing machine and I ended up buying the Brother SE400 sewing/embroidery machine off my aunt for $200 which I still use to this day!

{sewing in our foyer with my Singer in 2018}

{In 2019 I moved my sewing space upstairs to our spare room}

As a first time mother there is SO much information you learn and are told things you should do and not do all. the. time. I have always been a huge photo person; diving into photography in high school really drove my passion for capturing moments. One of the first things I did was book a newborn photographer studio session when I found out I was pregnant. (I could go on forever about newborn photos- I think that’ll be another blog post!) The hat was PERFECT and everything I wanted for his session with Zi Photography in Ellsworth, Maine and my other two sons’ session with Morgan Lynn Portraits LLC in Houlton, Maine as well! 

{studio session with Zi Photography in 2017}

{in home studio session with Morgan Lynn Portraits LLC in 2018}

{studio session with Morgan Lynn Portraits LLC in 2021}

I’m not the first person to create a top knot hat with a name tag and I will never claim I am. I have altered the original pattern to fit what works for me. After making that hat for Mr. ‘EVERETT’ I decided to throw the name ‘NAPTIME Knots’ behind what I was making and created a Facebook page. All those first orders drove me up on a cloud and I THANK YOU for loving them because it kept me going. Being apart of the beloved short, newborn stage is why I do what I do. 


January of 2019 I launched my Etsy page. I participated in a handful of craft fairs. I grew A LOT. Circling back to what I’ve learned over the years, I know I cannot compete with big business. I can’t even compete with those small businesses who have a handful of employees. It is just me. Casey. Mom of 3 boys ages 5, 3 and 1.


{craft fair in 2018}

{with my boys spring of 2022}

What I can do is be REAL with you, CREATE things I am passionate about, and be APART of those precious early months of your sweet little babe; whether it be a personalized hat, headband or cozy lovey. I look forward to share everything I love with you in these blog posts! 


Xx Casey B. 


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