Newborn MUST Have - Mess Free Footprint Ink Pad/ Shadow Box

Newborn MUST Have - Mess Free Footprint Ink Pad/ Shadow Box

There are a handful of things that the hospital does but is nice to have your own - bringing a couple of your own baby outfits (more for photos because it is nice to leave the blowout clothes at the hospital), bringing your own pillow (unless you want to ask for 3 pillows to equal your one at home), and having your own mess free footprint ink pad to create all the extra footie prints of your sweet newborn baby. 


Baby book handprints and footprints

With my first son I brought his baby book to the hospital so I could have the ink his hands and feet for his book. I honestly do not think you can create too many copies of those little fingers and toes.  As the months go on you may do holiday theme pieces of artwork with paint but there is something about the simplicity of black ink holding onto time of a newborn.

[ Find the Mess Free ink pads I'm talking about here : ]

There are going to be a lot of trends, ideas, and hacks you’ll see after your newborn is no longer a newborn. I feel that way with my first born vs. my last baby and that time frame was only 4 years. 

One way to display all those newborn special items is a shadow box. I purchased my shadow boxes from TJ Maxx in store but there are MANY options online. 

I choose to place their “non-official” birth certificate in the box along with their hospital band, photo from the hospital and their baby name hat from Naptime Knots aka handmade with love by Mom. 

 Shadow box woth newborn items

There may come a time these shadow boxes end up in their memory boxes but for now they are displayed on the wall in their rooms. My favorite decor for it truly captures the memorable time they all made their entrance into their world. 


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