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5 Things You Should Know About Newborn Photos For Expecting Mamas

After you take a positive pregnancy test there are so many emotions felt. I know every person is different and every scenario is different but especially if you’re a first time mom there is so much of the “unknown” feeling. 

You begin reading so many articles, downloading pregnancy apps to track your journey, and browsing all the tiny newborn clothes in stores thinking ‘how are they that tiny when they enter Earth side?’ 

I want to talk about baby entering Earth side. The newborn stage goes by so fast. In the moment of your postpartum journey you may think how long your nights are, how sore your nipples are, and how you’ll ever survive your partner peacefully sleeping while you’re just feeding the baby in the middle of the night.

But because the newborn stage goes by so fast, I want you to see the value in hiring a newborn photographer to capture those short moments for you. Here are my 5 thoughts:

1. Book Early.

You really only have a full 8 months to book a newborn photographer and that is 1.) if you find out you’re pregnant as early as you can and 2.) if you go full term. Many will want to wait until the “12 week safe mark” before announcing their pregnancy to family and friends but I would say it would not hurt tentatively reaching out to a photographer in mind letting them know you’re interested in a session but you want to officially wait until that safe mark. Photographers who photograph newborns understand everything of the journey. 

2. Decide the type of session you want.  

After you have reached out to the potential photographer for a newborn session, decide what type of session you’d like: Hospital 48 Hour Session vs. In Home Session Vs. Studio Session. 

48 Hour Session: Is where the photographer goes into the hospital within 48 hours of baby being born and captures those moments. This is so incredibly special. I wish I had did this however, I did take my DSLR camera to the hospital and took all the detail photos I wanted to remember forever. The only thing I wish I could capture is the newborn smell. Take it all in! You will have to check your hospital’s current regulations because since COVID-19 it has really changed who can visit and how many people during your stay. [many regulations have lifted but still reach out]

In Home Session: I believe this is the most popular type of session. The photographer comes into your home and takes photos of you with your newborn mainly in babe’s nursery. They may put your newborn on your bed or floor to get distraction free photos of babe and all the details. This is the most relaxed session because you do not need to travel anywhere with babe within the first few weeks that comes home. 

Studio Session: Keep in mind not all photographers have a studio so if this is the session you’d like research this before reaching out. These sessions are my absolute favorite. I love all the newborn poses and backdrop looks with a newborn. If your photographer doesn’t have a studio but you love their work ask to see if they have a traveling backdrop they would be willing to setup in your home to capture those photo looks. This may be an option (for an additional fee) or may not but it never hurts to ask! 

3. Newborn Should be 5-14 days old 

With the exception of the 48 Hour session, most photographers want to photograph the newborn when they’re 5-14 days old. When you book a newborn session they keep their calendar ‘flexible’ because we all know, babies come on their own time. Once you deliver your baby you will contact your photographer letting them know “BABE IS HERE!” And then a date will be set for your session. The reason for the short time frame is because once newborns start growing the curled up positions become harder and they just start becoming, well not newborns anymore!

4. Grab 2-3 looks that are a “MUST” for the session. Make it personal!

This helps the photographer plan the type of direction you want your session to go. These looks can include a special heirloom piece from your grandparents or something that was once yours, a personalized hat/headband/ or sign, certain colors (neutrals, springy, fall, dark + moody), or handmade item such as a stuffie or blanket. When you put special touches to these newborn photos they really become exclusive to your life. 

5. Don’t overthink it.

As a mom you will overthink hundreds of things and you do not need to add “newborn photos” to that list. You can scroll Pinterest for hours during pregnancy insomnia and create all of your vision boards for your little babe but as soon as you loose any expectation on how things go and just let them be, you’ll begin to appreciate those moments that just happen. 


A few weeks ago I asked my Facebook followers to tell me who they had for newborn photos and I wanted to share this list with you. I am located in Northern Maine and these photographers are all Maine based. 

RMG Photography LLC - Presque Isle, Maine

Edgecomb Photography- Fort Fairfield, Maine

Ever Pine Co. - Caribou, Maine

Gallagher Photography- Vassalboro, Maine

Damie Ann Photography- Mars Hill, Maine

Jessia Belanger Photography - Northern Maine

Morgan Lynn Portraits LLC - Houlton, Maine

Zi Photography - Ellsworth, Maine

Stephanie Dorr Photography- Downeast Maine




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